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  There's a lot of information on the German Colonies on the internet. Much is in German but some in English too. Now could be a good time to cross the language barrier- it's not as hard as you'd think! Even if you can't understand a word there are often great pictures to be seen. There are some truly excellent websites out there and this is where I drew much of my information and inspiration for this website, my thanks go to the builders of the following websites and members of the forums (or should that be "Fora"?).  



Forums and Communities

Axis History Forum - An excellent forum to discuss the German colonies, also covering all aspects of the Axis and Central powers in the two World Wars.

Traditionsverband Forum - Another excellent forum on the German colonies (mainly in German, but English language posts are welcome too).

Pickelhaubes Forum - A highly recommended forum, mainly on German Spiked Helmets but also covering other aspects of the Imperial German Military.

Ost Afrika Yahoo Group - A very useful and active group for wargamers of German Colonial campaigns.

Gentleman's Military Interest Club - A forum covering many aspects of Military History and Collecting including Imperial Germany and the Colonies.

Wehrmacht Awards Forum - Primarily a WW2-era discussion group about medals and awards but also featuring Imperial and Colonial awards.

Militaria-Fundforum - A German language military history forum with imperial and colonial discussions.

Lead Adventure Forum - A wargaming forum with sections on colonial and First World War campaigns.

Great War Forum - Mostly seen from the British side of events but with interesting discussions on the war in the colonies and Middle East.

Aerodrome Forum - A forum about Aeroplanes in the First World War again including interesting discussions on the war in the colonies and Middle East.


Websites on the German Colonies and Imperial Period (in German)

Traditionsverband - Excellent site on the German colonies.

Deutsche Schutzgebeite - Covering all aspects of Imperial Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy, including lots on the German colonies.

Tsingtau Indexseite - A very good source for information on the German period in Tsingtao. 

Jaduland - More information the German colonies.

Marine Infanterie - The History of the German Marine Infantry 1675-1919.

Golf Dornseif - Articles on the German Colonies

Buddecke - A very interesting website on the flyers of the Imperial German armed forces.

Reichskolonialamt - An excellent website of source materials.

Gallipoli 1915 - A great new website with information on German Forces at Gallipoli in the First World War.

Das Deutsche Reich und der 1. Weltkrieg - Including sections on the German colonies.

Geschichtsforum - A German History Forum with a section on the colonial period.

Polizeigeschichte - Covering the German police, including the colonial period.

Lettow-Vorbeck - The website of the family of General von Lettow-Vorbeck.  

KuK Kriegsmarine - Loads of information on the Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Navy.

Uniform Fotos - An excellent collection of Imperial German photographs.

Boxer Aufstand - A website with information on the Boxer Rebellion in China and the German participation in it.

Die Alte Armee - A website with lots of information on the Imperial German Army 1871-1918.

Kolonial Geld - A great website on the subject of banknotes and coins of the German Colonies.


Websites on the German Colonies and Imperial Period (in English)

Kaiser's Bunker - A great website on the Imperial German Army with uniform information and many original items.

Colonel J's Pickelhaube and Imperial German Musings - Another great website focussing mainly on Pickelhaubes but covering many aspects of Imperial Germany.

The Kaiser's Cross - An interesting site with great features on the First World War in German South West Africa.

Imperial German Militaria - An interesting collection of Imperial German militaria mainly showing photographs and documents from the 1914-18 period.

Seebataillon Flags - An interesting discussion on the standards carried by the Marine Infantry and East Asian Troops.

Savage and Soldier - A website with loads of information for wargaming Colonial Wars, including Germany's.

The Humphrey Winterton Collection of East African Photographs: 1860-1960 - As it says, it's a great collection of hundreds of period photographs.

Medal Net  - An excellent website about Imperial German medals with articles on Colonial Campaigns

Micronesia Over the Years - A website showing the history of Micronesia in photos, including the German colonial period.

The Marshall Islands - A website showing the history of the Marshall Islands, including the German colonial period.

German Militaria - Sellers of genuine German militaria including Imperial and Colonial items.

German Militaria Collectibles - Sellers of German Militaria with a section on Imperial Germany including colonial items.

Der Rittmeister - Imperial German Militaria for sale, with excellent photographs.

Saxonia Militaria - Another website of Imperial German Militaria for sale, with excellent photographs.

Herero Wars - Wargaming the Herero Rebellion.

Lovett Artillery Collection - An amazing collection of Imperial German artillery pieces.


Museums and Archives

REME Museum Weapons Collection - Including photographs of all the main rifles and carbines issued to the German Colonial Forces.

Imperial War Museum London - Houses a very good collection of items from both World Wars including some German Colonial uniforms.

Musée Royale de l'Armée - The Royal Belgian Army Museum in Brussels with an excellent collection of Imperial German uniforms and equipment.

Bundesarchiv - The German state archives at Koblenz.

Frankfurt University - With large archives of photos from the colonial period.

Australian War Memorial - With information and photos of the occupation of German New Guinea.


Other Interesting Military History and Colonial Websites

Ottoman Uniforms - An excellent website on Ottoman Turkish Uniforms 1800-1918

The Austro-Hungarian Army - An excellent website and forum covering all aspects of the KuK forces.

Soldiers of the Queen - Photographs of the British army in the Victorian era.

History by George! - Militaria and Collectibles Catalogues.

AE1 Submarine - A website researching the mysterious loss of an Australian submarine during the invasion of German New Guinea.

Project Gutenberg - Website featuring the diary of a British doctor during the First World War in East Africa.

The Universal General - A war-gaming site with an excellent section on the Belgian Colonial Forces.

Los Rayadillos - A website on Spanish Colonial Uniforms.

Neerlandia- A website on Dutch Army Uniforms.

Hussards Photos - A French language website with lots of great photos of hussars from all nations.

El Gran Capitan - A Spanish language military History Forum.

Colonial Voyage - A large website concentrating on the Portuguese and Dutch colonies but also covering other lesser known colonial powers.

Chakoten - A Danish website featuring loads of Military Historical information and curiosities.

Brazilian Uniforms in the First World War - A look Brazil in the First World War by Cristiano Campos and the author of this website.

O Portal da História - A Portuguese language history website including sections on their involvement in the First World War in East Africa.

Association Française des Collectionneurs de Baïonnettes - A French Language website about bayonets, including Imperial German ones.

Turkey's War  - A website dedicated to Turkey's role in the First World War


More specific recommended external links can be found on pages throughout this website.

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