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It's always good to hear from fellow enthusiasts and other people with similar interests.

If you have any Queries about German imperial uniforms or the German colonies in general I am always happy to help in anyway I can. In the past I have been able to help people trace information on their ancestors in the Schutztruppe and share advice and information with museums, model soldier manufacturers and authors of books and magazines. If I don't know the answer to your particular query myself, it can often be found by asking the very knowledgeable contributors at the Axis History Forum.

I'm especially keen to hear from people with More Information or Photographs that might correct any errors or help this website expand. There are still gaps in my knowledge on the topic and uniforms that I have never seen in photographs. I'm still desperately looking for photos of the early Togo Polizeitruppe in white or dark blue uniforms, the Togo European Company or any Germans serving in Togo, the early Cameroon Polizeitruppe in white uniforms, Cameroon Schutztruppe Officers pre-1896, the Seebatallion in Cameroon, the Seebatallione before 1880, the unusual cap worn by the Polizeitruppe on parade on Jap, the Chinese Companies, pre-1896 German South West African Schutztruppe in khaki uniforms, African or Asian naval auxiliaries, the South African Free Corps, Ruga-Ruga irregulars or the Arab Legion in German East Africa and any photos showing specialist insignia worn by the German overseas forces. In short, I'm very keen to see any photos of any curious or unusual imperial German Overseas forces. I'm also happy to try to help identify any photographs of German Colonial or Overseas troops you may have.

If you have any items of German Colonial Militaria or memorabilia and would be willing to show photographs of them on this website please contact me. Or if you have seen German Colonial items in a Museum please let us know.

You can email me here - Chris Dale




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