"Imperial German Headgear
 1888-1914 Field Guide"
JD Turinetti & A O'Connor
(Kaiser Helmets)











Imperial German Uniforms

This website is not a work of original research. All the information here has been found in the websites, books, museums and other sources listed on this page.

Websites and Online Sources
These first five are essential-

Kaiser's Bunker

Pickelhaubes Forum

Colonel J's Imperial German Musings

Genealogy.de Der Alten Armee

Preussen Web

The following websites will also be of interest to anyone who has enjoyed their reading here-

Deutsche Heereskunde

Imperial Helmets

Alte Armee


Axis History Forum

Gentleman's Military Interest Club


Deutsche Kaiserreich

Marine Infanterie


Das Deutsche Reich und der 1. Weltkrieg


Uniform Fotos

Die Alte Armee

The Kaiser's Cross

The Prussian Machine

Medal Net

German Militaria

German Militaria Collectibles

The Austro-Hungarian Army

Hussards Photos


Turkey's War

Der Rittmeister

and my other website, German Colonial Uniforms


Books and Published Sources

"Das Deutsche Heer, Friedensuniformen bei Ausbruch des Weltkrieges"
H Knötel and P Pietsch (Diepenbroick-Grüter & Schulz 1935)

"Imperial German Headgear 1888-1914 Field Guide"
JD Turinetti and A O'Connor (Kaiser Helmets 2006)

"Das Deutsche Reichsheer"
G Krickel and G Lange (1892)

"Handbook of Imperial Germany"
J & J Robinson (Authorhouse 2009)

"The Organisation of the German State Forces in 1866"
S Sutherland (Helion 2001)

"Imperial German Army Handbook 1914-18"
D Nash (Ian Allen 1980)

"The German Army 1914-18"
DSV Fosten, RJ Marrion and G Embleton (Osprey 1978)

"Uniforms of the Imperial German Cavalry 1900-14- Cuirassiers and Heavy Cavalry"
DSV Fosten (Almark 1973)

"Uniforms of the Imperial German Cavalry 1900-14- Lancers and Dragoons"
RJ Marrion (Almark 1975)

"Uniforms of the Imperial German Cavalry 1900-14- Hussars and Mounted Rifles"
DH Hagger (Almark 1974)

"German Infantry 1914-18"
D Nash (Almark 1971)

"Jäger and Schützen- Dress and Distinctions 1910-14"
H Kinna and DA Moss (Bellona 1977)

"Die feldgraue Uniformierung des deutschen Heeres 1907-1918"
J Kraus W Hanne
(Verlag Militaria 2009)

"The German Army in the First World War"
J Kraus (
Verlag Militaria 2004)

"World War One German Army"
S Bull (Brassey's 2000)

"The German Army in World War One (1)"
N Thomas and G Embleton (Osprey 2003)

"The German Army in World War One (2)"
N Thomas and R Bujiero (Osprey 2003)

"The German Army in World War One (3)"
N Thomas and R Bujiero (Osprey 2003)

"The Kaiser's Warlords"
R Pawly and P Courcelle (Osprey 2003)

"The German Freikorps 1918-23"
CC Jurado and R Bujiero (Osprey 2001)

"Army Uniforms of World War 1"
A Mollo and P Turner (Blandford 1977)

"Arms and Uniforms- The First World War Volumes 1 & 2"
L&F Funken (Ward Lock 1974)


Museums and Collections
The following museums have collections of Imperial German Uniforms, some of which have been photographed for this website

  Military History Museum, Rastatt

Bavarian Army Museum, Ingolstadt

German History Museum, Berlin

Military History Museum, Dresden

Royal Army Museum, Brussels

Imperial War Museum London

Fort de la Pompelle Museum, Reims


Personal Sources
Thanks also to the following people for helping with information and photographs for this website

Joe Robinson Photo Collection, Tony Schnurr of the Kaiser's Bunker, & Chris Wood












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