The Bavarian Army Museum Collection, Ingolstadt


The Bavarian Army Museum ("Bayerisches Armeemuseum") in Ingolstadt, just North of Munich, has an extensive collection of Bavarian and European uniforms, weapons and militaria going back to Medieval times and up until the 19th Century. A separate museum covers the First World War.

Amongst the many exhibits are the standards of the Bavarian Army, uniforms belonging to the Wittelsbach royal family and a few items of colonial interest.

The museum is housed in the Neues Schloss Ingolstadt, a short walk from the Ingolstadt Nord train station. The First World War exhibition is across the river in the 19th Century fort, Reduit Tilly. Entrance to both museums is included in the same ticket price.

For updated details of opening times, entry prices and further information see the official website-
Neues Schloss
Paradeplatz 4
85049 Ingolstadt


German Colonial and Overseas Armed Forces Uniform Items at the Bavarian Army Museum
An 1897 Home Uniform Tunic from an East African Schutztruppe Officer. The tunic belonging to King Ludwig III of Bavaria as honorary colonel of the II. Seebataillon. A Südwester Hat and an 1897 Home Uniform Tunic from a South West African Schutztruppe Officer.
A 1910 Field Grey uniform of a Marine Infantry Officer. An East African Askari Tarbusch. A 1916 Khaki Tunic of an Asienkorps NCO.

Other Interesting Exhibits at the Bavarian Army Museum

As you will see from the following photos, if you have any interest in German military history from the 15th Century to the First World War a visit to the Bavaerian Army Museum is highly recommended. These photographs show only a very small selection of the Museum's truly amazing collection on display.

A Collection of Suits of Armour A Collection of Bavarian Standards

A Painting of Bavarian Chevaulegers Charging Prussian Infantry
in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866
A Collection of Napoleonic Uniforms

A Collection of First World War Helmets A Diorama of the Battle of Leipzig 1813



A Bavarian Artillery General's Picklehaube   A Hanoverian Infantry Shako c1866   The Shako belonging to King Ludwig III of Bavaria as Honorary Colonel of the II. Seebataillon.
Prussian Heavy Cavalry Helmet   Bavarian Alpine Troops Trial Helmet   Saxon Heavy Cavalry Helmet


Bavarian Infantry Officer's Uniform   Bavarian Jäger Officer's Uniform   Bavarian Hartschier Palace Guard Uniform
Ottoman Army Officer's Uniform   German Naval Officer's Uniform   Romanian Army Officer's Uniform
   short, a visit to the
Bayerisches-Armeemuseum is a great day out...
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