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"I Play Rock- The Album Vol1"   



  2011 - Since we've now got a break from our respective side projects, Spandau Ballet, Go West and Tank we thought we'd have another band meeting. This instead of going somewhere exotic we went to a rehearsal studio and bashed out two original new tunes.

Ready for IPR II...

  29th May 2009 - Had another band meeting, this time on the beautiful Croatian island of Brijuni. Future plans were both plotted and hatched. As we've got no I Play Rock shows currently booked the three of us will be touting our rock wares with other bands this year. CPD will be laying tracks for TANK, RB will be shredding with GO WEST and JK will be beating several shades out of his new double bass drum kit for SPANDAU BALLET. If you happen to be attending any of these bands' shows, the best way to get our attention is of course to be proudly wearing your I Play Rock T shirt!  
  10th August 2008 - Went for a band meeting in Manila in the Philippines because our carbon footprint didn't look big enough. Not a bad place to have a meeting, nice bars, exotic food and traditional costume dancing all brought an air of surrealism to the event. Needless to say, the upshot of the meeting was that JK, RB and CPD heartily endorse the playing of ROCK!  
  12th May 2008 - We played a show at the venue probably most apt for us, yes I Play Rock Rocked Rock City in Nottingham. We opened up for Tony Hadley at a benefit show for our mate G-Man who's been through a lot recently. Here's holding the horns up for G!  
  23rd September 2007 - We Played a Rocking set at the Tony Hadley / Go West Fandango Weekend at Butlins in Minehead. Rock was both given and received. Thanks to everyone who came along to support us, proudly wearing your I Play Rock Shirts.  
  24th July 2007 - We finished the vocals on the new songs. It's hoped that they will be ready for release in September. We think you'll like them- they're more ROCK! In the meantime JK has launched his own website at  
  18th January 2007 - We recorded half a dozen new songs in Sphere Studios with producer John Brough. Needless to say they all contain healthy doses of ROCK! More recoding and a release date to follow....  
  19th December 2006 - I Play Rock are going back into the studio in January 2007 to start work recording new tracks with producer John Brough.  
  24th October 2006 - The I Play Rock PO Box address is no longer in use. This is for a few technical reasons mainly on behalf of the post office. You can still email stuff to us or leave messages on the Guestbook or  the I Play Rock - MySpace site.

Contrary to some rumours there are currently no I Play Rock gigs booked, though we are looking to book some in the new year. In the meantime if you're looking for live rock action why not check out Chris Paulo Dale's band Sack Trick when they play Camden Underworld on November 20th- see for details.

  4th Septmeber 2006 - We've opened an I Play Rock - MySpace site. So check it out, leave a message and come and make friends with I Play Rock! You'll also be able to keep up to date on I Play Rock activities through MySpace.  
  6th July 2006 - To celebrate JK and RB's Birthdays, we added a few new video clips to the downloads page including one of JK's glorious goal at Wembley Stadium (RIP) and some rocking shots of I PLAY ROCK in action.  
  6th June 2006 - Both the new I Play Rock T-shirts and Live CDs sold out during the Tony Hadley Tour. New CDs have been pressed up and are now on sale on this website at a special price (Click on the Album link to order a copy by mail order). A few medium new T-shirts are also left and are available through the T-shirts link - get them before they go!   
  12th March 2006 - John Keeble and Richie B will be appearing live on the upcoming "Tony Hadley- By Request" UK Tour (See Hadley Keeble Music for full details and dates). To celebrate, there will be new "I PLAY ROCK"  CDs and T-shirts on sale at the merchandise desk throughout the tour.   
Official Live Bootleg CD
New T-shirt Design
  "I Play Rock- Official Bootleg- Live in Camden" is a direct desk recording of the gig at the Camden Underworld last year. No overdubs, no re-mixing, pure live ROCK. The T-shirts are a new bigger design- we didn't think the message was getting across before! Both these items are exclusive to the tour. "I Play Rock- The Album Vol1" will also be on sale on the tour in case you've not had a chance to hear it yet.  
  8th February 2006 - We've added two MP3s of tracks from THE ALBUM Vol.1 to the downloads page (see link above).  
  16th January 2006 - Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, the winner was Karen Payne- congratulations Karen, your prize is on its way. More news to follow.  
  16th December 2005 - We've added a new gallery of photos of the Camden Underworld gig. See Photos link above.  
  12th December 2005 - Band meeting in Dublin over a few pints of Guinness to discuss how ROCK the next year should be. Details to follow...  
  5th December 2005 - I Play Rock live at Camden Underworld. Full ROCK mode. Thanks to everyone that came down- a night of ROCK was had by all!  
  25th November 2005 - Band meeting in Slovenia to discuss where the next band meeting should be held.  
  24th November 2005 - We've added a new competition to the website, see here for details.  
  1st November 2005 - Four new video clips filmed at the I Play Rock gig in Minehead last month have been added to the Downloads Page of this website.  
  6th October 2005 - New photo gallery of the warm-up gig at Minehead the other day added to this website (See Photos link above).  
  4th October 2005 - After a few teething troubles The Album and T-shirts are now available through this website using Paypal or any major credit card. If you tried to buy before and couldn't try again now!  
  1st October 2005 - I Play Rock play their first secret live warm up show at the Tony Hadley Fanclub Weekend at Minehead. The show is a storm of rock! See the guestbook for people's comments on the show. Photos coming soon.  
  29th September 2005 - "I Play Rock- The Album" is released through this website. Click on the album link above for more details and to buy using Paypal or any major credit card, please allow 10 days for delivery. "The Album" will also be on sale at the "Tony Haldey/Go West" fan club event at Minehead this weekend. New T-shirts have also gone on sale through this website- see the T-shirts link above to order your size now.  
  19th September 2005- Tickets go on sale for our first London Headline gig. It will be at Camden Underworld on December 5th 2005.
  2nd September 2005- Release date for "I Play Rock- The Album" set for Monday 3rd October. It will be exclusively available by mail order through this website. See "The Album" page on this website for full track listing.  
  1st September 2005- I Play Rock album finished and mixed.  
  31st August 2005- Vocals for the I Play Rock album recorded. JK, RB and CPD each doing lead vocals on two songs.  
  21st July 2005- Band meeting in Majorca to settle on how Rock the album should be.  
  19th July 2005 - Band meeting in Italy to discuss how Rock the album should be.  
  15th July 2005 - I Play Rock - The Album is recorded.  
  11th July 2005 - Second I Play Rock Rehearsal.  
  5th July 2005 - First I Play Rock band Rehearsal.  
  4th June 2005 - JK, Richie B and CPD meet in a small room in Cornwall and decide the world needs more rock albums.  
  Feb-May 2005 - I Play Rock - The Movie is filmed. Due for future release.  
  12th April 2005 - Third batch of T-shirts go on sale at the Royal Albert Hall.  
  1st February 2005 - Second batch of T-shirts go on sale  
  13th December 2004 - First I play Rock T-shirts go on sale and sell out the same day.  
  1st December 2004 - I Play Rock is born with JK and Richie B printing up T-shirts the next day.  
  3.5 Billion BC - The Earth's surface cools and the first Rock is formed.  

John Keeble, Richie B and Chris Paulo Dale heartily endorse the Playing of Rock